Everyday stuff I use:

Main OS: Fedora 37 XFCE

Software/Configurations for Arch

I no longer use Arch on my main machine, I run Fedora 36 XFCE now. This section is still here for whenever I do end up using my Arch installs again tho.

WARNING: My configurations take into account the fact that you are also using the other apps I use. All the important apps are listed below. Don't just copy paste my configs. Look at them and edit them to your liking before actually using them as your own. I am not responsible for any breakage of your system.

Command to install all the packages below that are in the Arch Official repos:

sudo pacman -S stow rofi mtpfs gvfs-mtp gvfs-gphoto2 p7zip zip unzip file-roller blueberry bluez bluez-utils networkmanager ifplugd xfce4 thunar ntfs-3g xorg-xrandr arandr alacritty flameshot dunst simple-scan copyq code sxhkd peek shotcut losslesscut obs-studio mpv
Dotfiles (Using Stow) -> GitHub
App Launcher -> rofi GitHub ArchWiki
Android Mounter -> mtpfs, gvfs-mtp, gvfs-gphoto2
Archiving/Compression -> p7zip, zip, unzip, unrar, rar (AUR)
Archive Manager -> file-roller
AUR Helper/Wrapper -> yay AUR
Bluetooth -> blueberry bluez bluez-utils
Network -> networkmanager
Ethernet Daemon -> ifplugd (have not needed this in a while)
Desktop Environment -> xfce4
File Explorer -> Thunar

(install ntfs-3g to function with ntfs drives properly) You will also need gvfs if you want to auto mount drives This will most likely be preinstalled, but if its not, there you go

Display Manager -> xorg-xrandr with arandr

arandr is the gui for xorg-xrandr. xfce4 handles most of my monitor configs though.

Only really useful if you have more than one monitor

Shell -> bash
Terminal Emulator -> alacritty
Screenshot -> flameshot
Notification Daemon -> dunst
Scanning -> simple-scan
Clipboard Manager -> copyq
Monospace Font -> Jetbrains Mono Jetbrains Site
Editor -> code (VSCode/VSCodium) AUR
VSCode Theme -> One Dark Pro Theme
GTK Theme -> Arc Dark
Hotkeys -> sxhkd GitHub ArchWiki

Uses KeySym to represent keys

Gif Recorder -> peek
Video Editor -> shotcut losslesscut
Video Recorder -> obs-studio
Video Player -> mpv
Music -> Spotify

Go over to my music if you like metal and rock

Devices I have/use


Desktop: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3060Ti, Linux Mint

Framework Laptop. AMD Ryzen 7 7840U, 32G RAM, Fedora

Dedicated Programming/School Laptop

Framework Laptop. i7-1165G7, 32G RAM, Fedora

Old Motherboard that is now a "desktop"

Custom PC. AMD Ryzen 3200G, 8GB RAM, No Dedicated GPU, Win10

Light Gaming PC I build for myself

Thinkpad T430. 12GB RAM, 256GB SSD, i5 3230M, Windows10/Arch

Linux is easier to code in for the most part

MacBook Pro 13" Late 2017. 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, i5 something, MacOS Catalina

Main home laptop. It's not trash, it's lightweight, keyboard's are subjective, and doesnt have a crappy mic/camera. Much better than windows for almost anything related to coding. Has a unix-like shell unlike powershell/cmd

A Raspberry Pi 3B+

Literally nothing right now


Samsung Galaxy S6 + Wacom One Pen

Use it for media and practicing different writing systems.


Brother MFC-L2710DW

How to setup Printing on Arch Linux How to setup Scanning on Arch Linux


Shanwan PS3/XBOX/Android/PC USB Controller

just a cheapo controller I bought for emulation