How to create Minecraft 1.18 server with domain name in Arch Linux

This tutorial assumes that you have a vps or some type of system where arch linux is setup and you are able to access it using ssh or any other means. This is not an arch setup tutorial.

You'll Need

Get Everything Installed

Remember this is a tutorial for Arch Linux so I'll be providing the package name for pacman and not apt.

sudo pacman -s screen curl jdk-opendjk nano

Substitute out nano for vim if needed and feel free to leave out curl if its already installed.

Setup Server

mkdir mcserver
cd mcserver
curl -o server.jar
java -jar server.jar

That last command will generate the eula.txt document that you need to edit. Open eula.txt in a text editor you installed from before and change false to true next to eula=

You can now run the java -jar server.jar command againt now but lets add -Xmx3G to tell java to use 3GB of ram for the server. You can replace the 3 to however much ram you want to dedicate towards the server.

The final command ends up being

java -jar -Xmx3G server.jar

I don't want to type out this command everytime I want to start up my server so I put this command in a file called

Startup Script

# create file

Next put the following into the file

java -jar -Xmx3G server.jar

Save and exit your file and then run chmod +x to make your script executable.

To run your script, make sure you are the in the correct directory using the ls command and then run the script with ./

Before you do that, you probably want to run the script in screen so you don't have to stay connected to the server to have the server running.

Keep server running without ssh connection

In your server directory run the screen command, this will start a new bash session that will stay running in the background even if you detach from it.

After running screen run your startup script with ./ after it's loaded, you can press ctrl+a d to detach from that session. This'll bring you back to your normal bash session. If you want to reattach to the screen window, you can do screen -r.

For more information on screen, you can run man screen or info screen or go to the GNU Docs for screen

Connect to Server using domain name

Taken from Namecheap Article:

Mapping a subdomain (e.g., mc.yourdomain.tld, www.yourdomain.tld, etc.) to your Minecraft server.

Let’s check how records should be changed to have the mc.yourdomain.tld subdomain linked to the Minecraft server.

Please note that mc.yourdomain.tld is an example, and all settings should be adapted to your subdomain. Thus, if you wish to connect a subdomain, add >your subdomain to Protocol and Target or Protocol only if you have a custom Target.

The A record set for the subdomain mc.yourdomain.tld has the following values:

Host : mc

Value: IP address of your Minecraft server

TTL: Automatic or 30 min (our default TTL)

The SRV record should look as follows in this case:

Service: _minecraft


Priority: 0

Weight: 5

Port: [custom port]

Target: [your domain with the subdomain]

TTL: Automatic or 30 min (our default TTL)

namecheap changes

NOTE: [custom port] is the default 25565 if you didn't change it in

This could take around 30 minutes to kick into effect. After that you should be able to connect using mc.domain.tld